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Inflatable Rentals

Inflatable Rentals

Shark Bite Surf N Slide

Size: 30 L x 14″6 W x 14 H
8 hrs | $250 ($50 Deposit)

This surf & slide unit features realistic digital artwork and 30′ of wet and wild excitement. Great for any event!! Both children and adults could enjoy this non stop fun slip and slide.

Wild Wave Mini Wet/Dry Slide

Size: 14 H x 26 L x 12 W
8 hrs | $250 ($50 Deposit)

Sized down so that it’s perfect for backyards. Plus, for the first time, this water slide and the new Wild Wave Jr. (Wet/Dry) can be used both as water slides or dry slides! This unit has 1 slide lane with a waving surface and the climbing lane features X-TRA Grip climb covers that reduce slips and help keep kids safe.

Wacky Dome (Extra Large)

Size: 20 x 23 x 18
8 hrs | $300 ($50 Deposit)

With extra-sized excitement for up to 12 patrons, this HUGE 20′ Wacky Dome Bouncer has a colorful look, a vast bouncing surface, and offers unparalleled visibility. At only 18′ tall, this massive moonwalk is perfect for your next event!!! Keep everyone entertained with this massive bounce house!!

Winnie The Pooh 15x15 Bouncer

Size: 15′ x 15′
8 hrs | $200 ($50 Deposit)

Check out this adorable Winnie the pooh bounce house by Ninja jump. A 15 x 15 bounce house that provides plenty of room to accommodate about 8 jumpers at once!! This bounce is built to the maximum quality NINJA jump is known for.

Dual Castle Wet or Dry

Size: 29.5 x 15 x 15
8 hrs | $300 ($50 Deposit)

The Dual Wet or Dry (29.5 x 15 x 15) is similar to the EZ Wet or Dry, because it’s also a bounce house water slide combo that features a special non-slippery material that Magic Jump uses in it’s inflatables for safe bouncing with water. The Dual Wet or Dry can be used as a dry combo or use as a wet combo simply roll out the hose for a splashing good time during those hot days!

Dual Slide Wet/Dry

Size: 30 x 11 x 15
8 hrs | $300 ($50 Deposit)

WET/DRY DUAL SLIDE. This fun and unique dual water slide is a combination of two categories of inflatable rides everyone loves and enjoys. A dual Wet/dry slide could be enjoyed with or without water, extremely fun, hours of entertainment!!!

360 Obstacle Course

Size: 24 x 16 11.5
8 hrs | $300 ($50 Deposit)

This Obstacle brings fun all around with its feature Obstacle Course 360. This ride is jam packed with obstacles to provide for optimum fun and excitement. Participants enter at the side of the Obstacle Course 360 and are immediately greeted with a wall obstacle. Clearing this leads to a crawl through tunnel and back up into pop-up obstacles. After pushing through this corner, the participant has to get creative to avoid getting entangled in the hurdles and trapped behind the ensuing wall. Once successfully through this challenging turn, sidestepping a few more pop-ups will lead the challenger to the steep 8 foot wall climb and slide down. Not so fast though, because there are two more pop ups to squeeze past at the end of the slide to come full circle and complete the Obstacle Course 360 challenge.

45 H20bstacle Course Wet/Dry

Size: 45 x 11 x 15
8 hrs | $450 ($50 Deposit)

45’ safe WATER obstacle course. This fun and unique water slide obstacle course is a combination of two categories of inflatable rides everyone loves and enjoys. Riders will go through countless obstacles and popups, climb up a tall climber and down the slide into a pool. A water system sprays the riders as they slide down into the fun U shaped splash zone. Unique patented design allows for easy monitoring of riders. Riders get to cool down and compete one another in a fun and safe inflatable ride.

This inflatable takes 2 blowers.

Forbidden Temple Obstacle

Size: 37 x 37 x 20
hrs | $1,500 ($50 Deposit)

This is a real eye opener, this high quality, highly sought after inflatable is a real party starter! Weather you’re trying to bring attention to your new business or trying to keep your employees happy, this will do the job. Also great for birthdays, schools and churches etc!! Definitely a crowd pleaser, this massive beast is sure to keep any event energized and full of life.

This inflatable takes 4 blowers.

Bubble Bowling

Size: 40 x 17 x 9ft sphere
4hrs | $300 ($50 Deposit)

No bowling alley around? No problem; we have Bubble Bowling… Just climb inside and instantly, you are the bowling ball. Run down the alley and try to make a STRIKE! You’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll have a hard time making the ball go where you want it to. Includes One Staff Member, Inflatable Lane, Over sized Bubble Ball and six 5′ Bowling Pins.

Additional Information

Free delivery up to 35 miles, gas charge added after first 35 miles.

No refunds. Rainchecks issued for cancelled inflatable rentals.

10% Military, Church, and School Discounts Available.

Most infltables require 1 AC Outlet (120 Volt AC CKT)
Product Descriptions specify if requires additional blowers.

Inflatables no more than 125ft. from the outlet.

No setup on Graval, Rocky Service, Steep Inclide or Hills.

No return of deposit if we are unable to set-up due to the area.

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Inflatable Rentals
Nittany Mall
2901 E College Ave. Ste. 710
State College, PA 16801